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Fluvial, is an EP that came out in November 2015. Recorded, mixed and mastered in a totally independent way, it contains 3 tracks: "Nostromo" (first instrumental of Axis in Absentia), "Fluvial" (which speaks about the tragic flood that suffered La Plata city in April 2013) and "Enduro" (which was the official theme of the Enduro Rally of the Province of Buenos Aires).

Thanks to the incorporation of keyboards, new horizons and a greater musical diversity open up. This album is part of a long and continuing path of musical and professional development.

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Music: Fernando Aguilar and Claudio Femia
Lyrics: Fernando Pietrantoni

Drums: Fernando Pietrantoni
Bass: Fernando Aguilar
Guitars: Claudio Femia
Keyboards: Diego Forján and Claudio Femia
Voices: Claudio Femia
Recorded, edited, mixed and masterized in La Plata, "E-C Records".
Album art by Fernando Pietrantoni and Claudio Femia
Photography by Claudio Femia

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