Axis in Absentia

Axis in Absentia is a rock band formed in La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina), led since its beginnings by Claudio Femia in the company of Fernando Pietrantoni.

The project begins under the name Anderson, from which some of the songs from his first album, "14", come. Recorded, mixed and mastered completely independently in 2014.

In November 2015, they released an EP with three new songs: Fluvial, which gives the album its name; Nostromo, an instrumental and Enduro, selected as the official theme of the "Enduro Rally Buenos Aires 2015" competition. By then, with the addition of keyboards, the band begins to experience a new sound that begins to generate greater sound diversity.

Through a mix of grunge, classical music, rock and the recent incorporation of progressive dyes, Axis in Absentia comes to invest in a variety of musical pieces that are characterized by the perfect mix of all these styles.

In the past few years, they have participated in interviews in different radio stations and have shared stages with various bands from the La Plata city, among which are some with great experience such as La Saga de Sayweke and others like La Rueca, Corpus Christi, Mi Propia Necrológica and Tribal Maluk.

In September 2017, they filmed and recorded a live audiovisual show, where they presented the five tracks of their next EP, All in All (AIA) that is currently in the mixing stage. Both the videos used in the background and the post-editing of the filming of the show were in charge of Claudio Femia and the mixing and mastering of the audio, by Fernando Aguilar.

After experimentation with some formations, today Claudio Femia (vocals and guitars) and Fernando Pietrantoni (drums) are accompanied by Joaquín Cichero (keyboards), Alex Karlsen (guitar), Nestor Ciappesoni (bass) and Daniela Llordella (choirs), who provide a strong collaboration in the composition of new songs for what will be the second studio album of the band, still without publication date.

In 2018, the release of the EP and the composition of a conceptual double album is on the agenda, where the virtuosity and heterogeneity that characterizes them will continue to be evident, far from mainstream and in a direct way towards progressive sonority.

Axis in Absentia