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Recorded, mixed and mastered in a completely independent way, this album is a compilation of works whose oldest track, at the time of its publication, was 12 years old. Many of these songs have been part of different projects carried out throughout the years.

Different moments and stories have tinged with distinct feelings every song -anger, melancholy, hope, sadness- making people react in different ways, just as much as the same piece of art can arouse opposite emotions in the observers. 14 is an unusual album, which has a bit of all of those who today make Axis in Absentia.

It means the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

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Music and lyrics by Claudio Femia except:
"Buscando", lyrics by Fernando Pietrantoni and Claudio Femia;
"Mientras Tanto" and "Si Te Vas", lyrics by Alejandro Zarate.

Drums: Fernando Pietrantoni
Bass: Fernando Aguilar
Guitars: Agustín Montaño and Claudio Femia
Voices: Claudio Femia
Recorded, edited, mixed and masterized in La Plata, "E-C Records".
Drums recorded in La Plata, "Project 9", Recording Studio
Album art by Fernando Pietrantoni and Claudio Femia
Photography by Laura Solís and Claudio Femia

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