Axis in Absentia is a rock band formed in La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina), led since its beginnings by Claudio Femia in the company of Fernando Pietrantoni.

In 2018, the release of the EP and the composition of a conceptual double album is on the agenda, where the virtuosity and heterogeneity that characterizes them will continue to be evident, far from mainstream and in a direct way towards progressive sonority.

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This video was created for "Nostromo", the first instrumental track of Axis in Absentia from the EP "Fluvial". It is the result of months of work in search of the right images that could reflect the conceptual idea that was intended to show. Axis in Absentia doesn't own any of the images contained in this video and the credits can be found here

Live presentation of the upcoming EP at the Estación Provincial of La Plata on September 21st 2017


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